Wood Badge 2016

Are you interested in taking best Boy Scouts of America Leader Training?  If you are ready to have fun and join other leaders then Wood Badge is for you!  There is a 20164 course that is gearing up for March and April 2016.  To find out more information please visit the Wood Badge 2016 website today!

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Wood Badge 2014

Are you interested in taking best Boy Scouts of America Leader Training?  If you are ready to have fun and join other leaders then Wood Badge is for you!  There is a 2014 course that is gearing up for September and October.  To find out more information please visit the Wood Badge 2014 website today!

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Why Wood Badge?

Volunteers expect fun and fellowship at a Wood Badge course, but much more awaits. Read on about how this training session helps new-to-Scouting adults lead more successful packs, troops and crews.

No umbrella-topped drinks served poolside. No quality time with your Kindle. No seaweed body wraps, no room service, no hot-stone massages.

But it is a deluxe six-day, all-inclusive Wood Badge experience that comes with decades of Scouting knowledge, a skilled and helpful staff and a guided tour through the entire Scouting program from Tiger Cubs to Venturing. And the price? Less than a single night costs at that fancy resort with the pool.

CLICK HERE to read more about this experience that awaits you!

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Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day on Friday, it’s time to share the love! Please find attached the flyer for our Wood Badge course this fall. As you all know, our SPL Rick Bragga is the Course Director, and it will be a fantastic course! Please think of Scouters in your Units, and others that you think would enjoy this amazing experience. Then, send him or her the attached flyer, and suggest they sign up soon to hold their spot in the course! Let’s help share the Wood Badge Love. . . .errrrrr . . . experience with others so they, too, can experience that Critter Joy! Rick and his leaders are ready to reach out to anyone we identify. His email address is photoeagle@comcast.net. Many thanks, all! And, Keep Pushing On Your Goals and Tickets!

Yours In Scouting,
John McCulla WB2013

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Upcoming Beading

Congratulations to John Cramer, a Bear, who has completed his ticket! He will be beaded at Troop 1829’s COH on March 3rd, at 7:00. The location is the Bon Air Community Center (8725 Quaker Lane, Richmond, VA). Please plan to arrive at 6:45 latest.

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Hello WB2013 Participants

A Happy New Year from me to you! I just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you!

I hope your ticket is progressing well, and that the end zone is in site (football metaphors are big given we are in playoff season. Btw – what happened to the Pack!?).

I wanted to pass (get it?) along a few pics from Candy Johnson’s beading ceremony which took place a week ago. She was the fifth participant beaded out of 6 that have completed their tickets – way to go!

Give your counselor and me an update on how you are doing. Next week on 1/22/14 will be our 9 month mark – the proverbial 50 yard line of the 18 month Ticket period).

WHO is finished with their ticket? WHO will be the next to be beaded? (It does NOT have to be an Owl! :-) ).

Run for daylight!

Yours In Scouting,
John McCulla
WB2013 CD

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‘Tis the Season!

Hello WB2013 Participants!  We are in that jolly and joyful time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Our days are shorter and seem to slip by mighty fast!  In fact, it has been 7 months and a few days since we wrapped up Day 6 of WB2013 – YOUR course – the Best Wood Badge Course Ever!

I am pleased to say that we just beaded the first three participants from our course: Maria and Jeff Taylor, and Albert Browder.  They are now Wood Badgers! Please congratulate them on their achievements!

I am pleased, too, with the progress I have heard from a good number of your fellow participants.  All are moving along on their ticket goals, and have future projects mapped out that will help them reach the end zone.

Please contact your Counselor and give him or her an update, and let them help you with anything with which you need a hand or to discuss.

I hope that you are having fun working your tickets, you are learning from your various goals, and most of all that your Units and Scouts are benefiting from all your good work!

Please drop me a return email and tell me how you are doing!

A very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Holidays to all!

Oh, and here’s a bit of Wood Badge fun that you can substitute for the Wood Badge Song during the next few weeks:


(Tune: “The Twelve Days of Christmas”)
On the first day of Wood Badge,

My leader said to me,
You know there’s no time to sit down.

2. Two wooden beads
3. Three broad hats
4. Four flying flags
5. Five more leadership skills
6. All patrols a hiking
7. Everyone’s a feasting
8. All Scouters leaving.

(From www.macscouter.org)

Yours In Scouting,
John McCulla

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Requesting a Beading Ceremony

Open the WB2013 Participant Training Recognition Form – Fillable and fill it out.

The things you need to know to fill it in are as follows:

  • Council Name, Course Host Council: Heart of Virginia
  • Council Number: 602
  • Course No: S7-602-13
  • Location: Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation
  • Date: March-April 2013
  • Course Director: John McCulla
  • Chair, Leadership Training Committee: Al Best

If you do not know something needed on the form, your ticket counselor can assist.

Save your form. 

Either you or your ticket counselor must turn this in to Robin Rush at the Scout Service Center in order to schedule your beading ceremony.  Please email it to your Ticket Counselor, and to our Course Director, John McCulla at CourseDirector@WB2013.org.

Schedule Your Beading Ceremony With Your Ticket Counselor

  • Your ticket counselor will work with you on a date
  • Consider if you want your patrol (or as many as possible) to be beaded together at the same ceremony
  • Decide on where you will hold the ceremony: Unit meeting?  Round Table?  Special ceremony at your church?
  • Discuss the ceremony with your counselor, and how the ceremony is to be performed; there are various ways this could be done
  • Consider who you want to attend:  Family of course; the guys in your patrol?  Which staff members from the course?
  • Key Point:  If you will have your beading done at a RT or a Unit or District meeting, make sure you get the meeting leaders approval and at least 15 minutes of time on the agenda, preferably at the start of the meeting.

Conduct the Beading Ceremony

  • The Wood Badge Staff will assemble the Wood Badge Beading team, and prepare for the beading to be done at your chosen venue.
  • You will plan any celebration related to the event, and make those arrangements
  • Together, we’ll make it a special moment for you!
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Sign-up Today for Wood Badge 2014

The Next Wood Badge Course in the Heart of Virginia Council is scheduled for September, 2014.

 You can find information about that course at WB2014.

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Course Videos

Several people have asked if there was anyway to provide links to the Class Summary and the Everyone of Us videos which were presented in Wood Badge 2013.  So please click on one of the links below to view and download these videos to your computer.

If you have any problems with these links, please let us know

Jim Stallings
Tech Scribe

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