Bennie Good – ASM Programs

Bennie Good

Wood Badge Patrol / Critter: Bear

Scout Unit: Originally Troop 497 Occoneechee Council.  Now Troop & Crew 876

District: Huguenot Trail

Years in Scouting: 30

Highest Rank: Eagle

Current Registered Position: District Chair Huguenot Trail District, Unit Commissioner, ASM Troop 876, Committee Member Crew 876

Other Positions in Scouting and for how long? Webelos Den Leader – 2 years,  ASM for T876 from 95-02, SM for T876 from 02-09, Jamboree Scoutmaster 2005, Jamboree Photo Booth Member 2010, Jamboree Training Coordinator 2010, District Commissioner – 3 years

Occupation? Retired in 2008…I worked for over 30 years in Information Technology supporting R&D at Philip Morris USA.

Who’s in Your Family?  Wife, Ann (a girl scout, girl scout leader, venture crew leader, physician), son Andrew (eagle scout, electrical engineer, engaged) and daughter, Katie (gold award, 3rd year medical student)

What is your favorite Scouting event? Seabase Bahamas – with all girl Venture Crew 876.

What do you most enjoy doing?  Sailing (although I don’t currently own a boat), sitting on the cabin porch high in the mountains (although I don’t currently own a cabin or land high in the mountains), bicycling (I do own a bike!), photography (yes, I do own a camera),

What is your best Scouting memory? Is this a different question?  Ditto from question 2 above this.

If you had unlimited time and resources, what would you choose to do? Buy a cabin in the mountains and a sailing yacht in the Abaco Sound of the Bahamas (catch my drift?)

What are the most important things in your life? God, family, scouting

What do most people not know about you?  I’ve got a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from a preeminent analytical chemist, Charles N. Reilley, at UNC-Chapel Hill.

What are your favorite movies?  Shawshank Redemption, Blues Brothers.

What is your favorite food or meal?  Steak at Smith & Wollensky’s….although BBQ at a “classy” former something or other runs a close second.

What is your favorite book as an adult?  I’ve just finished reading “Killing Lincoln” after I had taken scouts to ride on the High Bridge Trail and camping near Sailor’s Creek Battlefield.  I don’t think I realized the short span of time that existed between Lincoln’s 2nd inauguration, surrender at Appomattox and his assassination (March 4 to April 15).

What is something about you that would surprise other people?  I became Scoutmaster AFTER my son graduated from the troop.  I stayed 7 years before they ran me off!

What is your favorite childhood memory? Walking downstairs on Christmas morning….before & after the big “announcement”

What is your favorite music and bands? Allison Kraus & Union Station.  When in Chapel Hill I followed regularly…sometimes weekly local bluegrass bands:  the Bluegrass Experience, Red Clay Ramblers and Rod Abernathy.

What are your hobbies? Photography, Snow Skiing.

Geez, anything else?  Nope!